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Monday 8 June 2015

Review of #DNC2015

A giant canvass displayed on the Allianz Riviera façade is setting the tone for this weekend: "Believe in your dreams". Indeed, all of the children who gathered in Nice for the sixteenth Danone Nations Cup experienced a terrific sports and human adventure. The ten teams who won their ticket for the Allianz Riviera were thus given to tread the pitch used by OGC Nice professional players and to picture themselves taking over in a few years’ time. 

The two-day competition ended with the Paris FC beating Saint-Etienne 1-0 on a penalty kick, before an audience of over 3,000 spectators who were astounded by the ability of those young players.


So the Paris team will be heading to Morocco to defend French colours at the World Final next October 25th. Closely watched by famous observers like Emerse Faé (former OGC Nice player and coach for U17), these budding champions aged 10 to 12 are surely on their way to becoming the future Zidanes and Matuidis in the next ‘Les Bleus’ generation. 

The young Gym players came in 8thin this DNC2015, but they did not leave empty-handed. The competition was formally dedicated to the notion of respect, and the fledgling Red & Black team honoured their elders by being awarded the Fair Play prize!

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