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Monday 11 September 2017

European Heritage Days 2017

In keeping with European Heritage Days tradition, the Allianz Riviera and the National Sports Museum will offer free admission in order to present exceptional tours and programmes.

Focusing on a theme of “Youth and Heritage”, both institutions will be providing a host of activities for the family. Thanks to support from OGC Nice, you could, for instance, take the opportunity of exploring or re-exploring behind the scenes at the Allianz Riviera in its match configuration, since the players’ jerseys will be laid out in the changing rooms, and that there will be free admission to the highly popular pre-match events.

Regarding the museum, this will be the last chance see to  “MoteurS!”, a temporary exhibition devoted to the great adventure of motor sports and on display at the National Sports Museum until September 17th.

Lastly, and a mere few days after the decision awarding the 2024 Olympics, the museum will feature a spotlight on that event through tours, exhibits and workshops

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