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Tuesday 22 September 2015

4,800 visitors turn up to celebrate the Allianz Riviera’s second anniversary during EHD 2015

To mark European Heritage Days, the Allianz Riviera and the National Sports Museum were delighted to welcome 4,800 visitors looking to experience a unique event about “The 21st century’s heritage… an issue with a future”.

A host of uncommon side events like original workshops, film screenings on a giant screen, F1, basketball and rugby simulators and even fitness tests gave the public an opportunity to share some magic with their family and friends.

Patricia, 38 with two children, confided that “My children just loved it! For once, they didn’t complain about going to a museum! They played tennis and tried out the basketball simulator! But the icing on the cake was when they visited the changing room at the Allianz Riviera and when they made their stadium entrance just like real football players.”

So those European Heritage Days were a great success for the Allianz Riviera, which happened to be celebrating its second anniversary at the time, and for the National Sports Museum where the works of art and private collections have positively delighted art and history buffs.

Christian, 58, is just as excited that he attended this great event. “It was my first visit to the Allianz Riviera and the National Sports Museum. I was born in Nice, and I am proud that our heritage is being showcased. With my wife, we were even able to take photos of us holding the ball used in the World Cup 1998! I can tell you that I am going to really treasure that photo.”

Following this successful event, the Allianz Riviera and the National Sports Museum extend their thanks to the visitors who came in such great numbers. This large attendance was a genuine reward for the teams who had worked very hard to ensure that this event would be like no other.

European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days is a prominent cultural event that takes place every autumn, demonstrating the interest that French people have for the history of buildings and art history. Combining public and private initiatives, the event is an opportunity to present the work of those whose day-to-day efforts serve to ensure the protection, the enhancement and public awareness of our heritage. It is also a privileged opportunity to admit the public into all kinds of buildings that are usually closed or poorly attended.

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