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Cancellation Insurance

Your tickets refunded in full

globalBy choosing Cancellation Insurance, Allianz Global Assistance  will refund your show tickets in full in the following cases:



  • Illness
  • Death
  • Major property damages
  • Giving birth
  • Childbirth
  • Related disease to the state of pregnancy

This document is a presentation of the Cancellation Insurance and has no contractual value. For complete details of cover and conditions, please refer to the terms and conditions.



The Insured Party must notify the authorised Organisation of their Cancellation upon the occurrence of a covered event preventing use of the insured entry ticket. The Insured Party must report the claim to the Insurer within five (5) working days from the day they became aware of it, except due to a fortuitous event or force majeure:

To facilitate reporting and optimise the processing of the claim, you should report the claim from the following website:
https://indemnisation.allianz-global-assistance.fr A confidential access code lets you monitor the claim 24/7.

The Insured Party may also contact the Insurer by email at the following address: reglement.assurance@mondial-assistance.fr or by telephone from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (mainland French time):

From France (if the Insured Party’s current location is in France)
• n° 01 42 99 03 95 for French speakers
• n° 01 42 99 03 97 for non-French speaking Insured Parties

From outside France (if the Insured Party’s current location is not in France)
• n° 00 33 1 42 99 03 95 for French speakers
• n° 00 33 1 42 99 03 97 or non-French speaking Insured Parties

After that time, if the Insurer suffers damage due to this late declaration, the Insured Party loses all rights to compensation.


 Send all documents requested by Mondial Assistance in order to justify the reason for the cancellation.


If the claim is accepted, the ticket refund will be made directly to the customer by cheque or bank card transfer.

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