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A last-generation, multi-functional facility on the côte d'Azur, Allianz Riviera keeps its promise of a quality showcase with top-notch reception areas. At the heart of the Éco-vallée in the Plain of the Var, this fully connected stadium designed by Wilmotte & Associés incorporates the principles of sustainable development.

Allian Riviera, a unique opportunity for brands and service companies to establish their reputations or gain further visibility.


  • Linking one's image to a first-class new-generation facility.
  • Benefiting from visibility both inside and outside the stadium.
  • Inviting your clients and partners for high-quality public relations operations.
  • Taking advantage of excellent, well-targetted communication supports.
  • Stimulating your commercial and customer networks at corporate events.
  • Consolidating your teams and strengthening links during thrilling events.
  • Activating an inter-enterprise network that generates business.

In the case of either sports or shows, Allianz Riviera proposes prestigious events in which passion is the common denominator.

Nous restons à votre écoute pour étudier tout projet de partenariat adapté aux objectifs et aux valeurs de votre entreprise. 

Contact us:

Olivier YVON
Directeur commercial
04 89 22 42 35
Email : olivier.yvon@allianz-riviera.fr

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